Four Ways to Avoid Chips in Your Windshield

Chips in your windshield are not only annoying, but they can become costly problems over time. It seems like a good solution would be to avoid getting any chips in the first place, though that is often beyond our control.

However, there are things you can do to make it less likely you will get windshield damage. A1 Windshield explains four tips for avoiding windshield chips.

1. Keep Back From Construction Vehicles

Dump trucks and vehicles hauling heavy machinery often have signs that say “Keep Back 200 Feet” for a good reason. Most dump trucks are carrying rocks, gravel, or dirt, and have no control over stray pieces that fly out on the highway. Following closely behind a dump truck traveling at high speeds puts you in the direct path of stray objects that might fly out.

The same thing applies to heavy machinery like dozers and excavators, which are often being hauled to and from construction sites. They are covered in hardened mud and other debris, which are likely to break loose on the highway.

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2. Avoid Dirt and Gravel Roads

Driving on unpaved roads is another way to kick up loose rocks and gravel that can damage your auto glass. It is probably less likely to chip your windshield than hitting rocks at high speeds on the highway, but it can still happen. If you have to take an unpaved road, go slowly and be mindful of potholes. Don’t follow closely behind anyone else on the road as well.

3. Keep Your Car in the Garage

This sounds like a simple solution, but it can be pretty effective. When you are not driving your vehicle, keep it parked in the garage. The garage protects your car from extreme weather conditions like high winds, which can toss branches and other objects around, and hail, which can damage the body of your vehicle as well as your windshield.

It can also protect your car from lawnmowers throwing rocking across the yard, baseballs and other neighborhood toys, and a number of other flying objects just waiting to come into contact with your auto glass.

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4. Be Cautious in Parking Lots

Obviously, you can’t avoid parking lots, but you can be mindful of your surroundings and where you park your car. Try to park away from crowded areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. If you see someone out mowing the property, park away from the grassy areas where they might mow right past your car. Don’t park under large trees that might drop things like branches or walnuts.

A1 Windshield Repairs Chipped Windshields

You can’t avoid every windshield chip, no matter how careful you are. The good news is the team at A1 Windshield, located in Springfield, MO, are experts in windshield repair and replacement. We even offer mobile repair around the greater Springfield area. 
Contact us online or give us a call if you want your repair or replacement handled by a company with over 40 years of experience.