Why You Should Repair Window Chips Before Winter

Small windshield chips might seem insignificant, but they can often lead to larger issues. What starts as a barely noticeable chip in the glass can end up cracking the length of your windshield. There are many preparations you need to make for your car to get it ready for the winter season, and this is one of them.

A1 Windshield explains why you need to get those chips and cracks taken care of before winter comes.

Chips Weaken the Glass

Any imperfection in the glass weakens the integrity of the entire windshield. The damaged area is likely to spread over time, causing cracks that can impair your view of the road and prevent your windshield from holding up in an accident.

Because of this, you need to fix those chips as soon as possible. But why is it essential to repair them before the cold weather comes?

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Glass Contracts in Cold Weather

Auto glass isn’t immune to the effects of cold. In the heat, the glass expands. But in freezing temperatures, the glass contracts. If there are any chips or weak spots in the glass, these are likely to crack. Small existing cracks can also split further across your windshield.

Even if it doesn’t happen right away, the constant freezing temperatures combined with the daily defrosting of a windshield is likely to cause damage at any weak points in the glass.

Repair Your Windshield Before Winter Comes

Getting any chips or cracks repaired before the freezing temperatures arrive can save you money in the future. If those cracks spread and become bad enough, you may need an entire windshield replacement rather than just repairs. All this is easier to take care of while the weather is still warm, and you aren’t risking driving with a broken windshield on icy roads.

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