Hail Damage to Your Windshield: How to Handle It the Right Way

The spring season is notorious for powerful thunderstorms, some of which can include the falling of hailstones. These storms can catch people off guard and unprepared, especially in the midwest region of the United States. Hailstones have the potential to dent the exterior of your vehicle, and even worse, damage your windshield. 

In today’s blog, A1 Windshield explains how you can handle hail damage to your windshield

How to Assess Hail Damage to Your Windshield

Damage to your windshield caused by hailstones is something you will want to inspect carefully. If you find that your vehicle was caught in the middle of a hail storm, you will want to pay special attention to the areas of your windshield that are considered to be within the driver’s line of sight. 

In most cases, if you spot a small windshield chip that is not in the driver’s line of sight, then you’ve bought yourself some time. If you notice a large windshield chip, a series of windshield chips, or any blemishes that are directly within the driver’s line of sight, then you will need to seek immediate assistance. As your windshield provides crucial protection for you and your passengers, it’s best to take quick action when you need a repair or replacement. 

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How to Fix a Windshield with Hail Damage

When it comes to hail damage, it’s typically best practice to have professionals take a look at your vehicle. If a hail storm left a single, small chip in your windshield, seeking a chip repair service would be right for you. If you need to buy some time before getting your vehicle serviced, there are simple techniques you can follow to keep that chip from turning into a windshield crack.  

If your windshield is struck severely by hail damage, you will need to consider a windshield replacement. In this instance, it’s best to let professionals service your vehicle. You would need to schedule an appointment quickly to avoid the risk of additional vehicular damages. 

How to Protect Your Windshield from Hail

If you know there is an impending chance of hail as spring thunderstorms roll through your area, there are best practices you can follow to limit the chances of hail damage to your windshield. 

If you have the ability, ensure your vehicle is parked underneath a structure, such as your home garage, parking garage, or underneath a canopy. If you do not have access to a protected parking structure, you can purchase a windshield cover that’s suited to protect from hail damage. 

Do You Have Hail Damage? A1 Windshield Can Help. Sometimes, you simply get caught in the storm, and that’s alright! If your windshield has experienced hail damage, our team at A1 Windshield can help. If you want an experienced professional to assess your vehicle’s windshield damage and write up a quote, give us a call today or visit our website.