About Us

We are the longest operating locally-owned auto glass repair company in Southwest Missouri. In business since 1981, A1 Windshield Repair has handled every type of auto glass available – from exotic and classic collectibles, family cars, and commercial fleets, all the way to farm and manufacturing vehicles. 

We're Here for You

Whether it’s your family car, a part of your commercial fleet, your farm tractor, or a precious exotic collectible, we know that when you need glass repair, it’s important. For nearly 40 years, residents across Southwest Missouri have entrusted their vehicles to us. We work until the job is done and done right. As pioneers of the chip repair process in the Ozarks, we have completed more than 1 million successfully.

A1 Windshield is now a Certified Opt-Aim Calibration Shop! What does that mean for you? 

It means all foreign and domestic vehicles that are equipped with factory-standard safety equipment like lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control, collision control, adaptive breaking and forward collision alert, can now be returned to factory-standard settings by A1 Windshield after windshield installation. These settings and special features are often designed near the windshield. When a windshield is replaced, specially-trained technicians need to ensure the features are recalibrated so they work effectively, keeping you and your passengers safe. Not everyone is trained or has the certification to do this. The experts at A1 Windshield Repair took the extra time and measures to acquire this certification so they can better assist their customers. 

This means higher safety measures, less down time and saving you money.

Committed to Excellence

Our company is based on hard work, years of experience, integrity, and trust. We place value on quality, not quantity. We understand you work hard for your money and you deserve only the very best service. You’ll find that with A1 Windshield Repair.

We're Not Just Another Glass Repair Company

At A1 Windshield Repair, we treat people the way we want to be treated. We work hard to offer the finest quality service. We are American owned and operated. The money you spend with us goes back into the community where it allows the greater Springfield, MO area to thrive and prosper. We believe in offering the best service while investing in our community and it’s people. 

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If you have a chip, crack, leak or fully broken glass in your vehicle, request a quote today. We are Southwest Missouri’s leading auto glass repair and replacement company, with more than 1 Million repairs to date.