Windshield vs. Auto Glass Repair: What’s the Difference?

As a vehicle owner, it’s important that you understand the differences between the terms “windshield” and “auto glass.” While windshields are considered to be a form of auto glass – not all auto glass is considered a windshield.

In today’s blog, A1 Windshield explains the differences between windshields and auto glass, as well as how each can be professionally repaired. 

The Difference Between Windshields and Auto Glass

Before explaining the differences between windshield and auto glass repair, it’s important to understand how windshields are unique compared to what is considered your vehicle’s “auto glass.” 

Windshields are made with laminated glass, while your vehicle’s remaining auto glass features (windows, rear windshield, etc.) are made with tempered glass. To learn more about the differences between these two different types of glass, read our recent blog post.

Windshields and auto glass are made in two distinct ways because of their unique purposes and safety precautions. 

Windshields are designed to protect the driver and passengers from oncoming debris, as well as provide a clear view of the road in front of them. With this purpose in mind, windshield glass is made to prevent shattering, which protects the driver and passengers if debris strikes the glass causing it to break. 

When windshield glass breaks, it will begin by forming cracks spreading across the windshield, ensuring that the windshield glass does not shatter on impact and harm those in the vehicle.

Auto glass for windows and rear windshields are actually designed to shatter into very small pieces without sharp edges. While windows and the rear windshield have a similar purpose as the windshield – to protect the passengers of the car from flying debris our weather elements, it would actually be a safety hazard if all auto glass was made with the laminated safety glass that front windshields are made with. 

If an accident occurs and a window needs to be shattered in order to rescue the vehicle’s passengers, laminated glass would make this nearly impossible, which is why tempered glass is used for windows and rear windshields.

Windshield and Auto Glass Repair Processes

With the different types of glass and purposes served by windshields and all other auto glass, we can explain how their repair processes work. 

Windshields can be repaired based on how much damage has been done. In most instances, if you have a rock chip in your windshield, you can easily get it fixed. Even if you have a windshield crack, there are practical things you can do to keep the crack from spreading as you wait for an appointment at a repair shop. 

With the auto glass in windows and rear windshields, a repair job is likely to result in a replacement. While chip repair is possible, depending on the severity of your auto glass damage, it might be worth it to go ahead and expect a full replacement since the tempered glass is not shatterproof. 

A1 Windshield Repairs Windshields and Auto Glass

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