Is Windshield Chip Repair Worth It? 

After discovering a chip in your windshield, it can be hard to know what to do next. Keeping the windshield of your vehicle in good condition is important, as it protects you and your family from wind and debris as you cruise from destination to destination. If you’ve been the victim of a stray rock hitting your windshield and creating a chip, you have probably asked yourself “Is this worth a repair?” 

In today’s blog, A1 Windshield Repair will answer this question and teach you about windshield chip repair!

The Importance of a Safe Windshield

The windshield of your vehicle serves many different purposes, which keep you and your passengers safe while driving. One of its most basic functions includes providing a clear, unobstructed view of the road in front of the driver, as well as protection from dust, rain, insects, and pesky rocks (that may have just chipped your windshield). Strong and safe windshields also play a critical role in protecting all passengers in the event of an accident, as it provides structural support for the roof of the vehicle and aids proper airbag deployment. 

Given the many different roles that your windshield plays in protecting you and your passengers, it’s important to keep it in good condition. As rock chips can quickly turn into a wide spreading crack and hurt the structural integrity of your windshield, consider all safety factors as you weigh the decision of getting that chip repaired.

Yes, Windshield Chip Repair is Worth the Cost

If you have a chip in your windshield, it is definitely worth the cost of repair. By scheduling a chip repair as soon as possible, you minimize the chances of further damage from the chip quickly turning into a crack (or multiple cracks) that spread across your windshield and would require a windshield replacement. Full windshield replacements can cost hundreds of dollars and are dependent on several factors, such as the model of your car and the type of glass needed. Chip repairs are much cheaper than full windshield replacements, so you can save yourself time and money by going ahead and repairing that chip. 

Let the Professionals at A1 Windshield Help You

If you are looking for a professional to take a look at the chip in your windshield or quote the cost of repair, A1 Windshield can help! Having served the greater Springfield, MO area for over 40 years, we’re happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us online or call us today at 417-831-6910.