How to Remove Water Spots From Auto Glass

Water spots on auto glass is an annoying occurrence. Whether they appear after a spring rain shower or at random, car fanatics all around the world prefer to handle the accumulation of water spots in a swift manner.  In today’s blog, the team at A1 Windshield explains how water spots appear on your auto glass and how you can remove them yourself. 

Why Are There Water Spots on Windows or Windshields? 

Water spots could form on your vehicle’s windows or windshield if water is left to dry on the auto glass’s surface rather than being wiped away. When water is left to dry on auto glass, the water will eventually evaporate. When the water has evaporated away, the minerals within the water droplet remain on the auto glass surface and create what we call a “water spot.” 

Rainwater can cause water spots; however, if you notice a frequent accumulation of water spots, there is likely another cause. If your car is parked close to a water sprinkler or a gutter that flows often, you may consider parking your vehicle in a different location. If this is not a possibility, there are products available that help water rolls entirely off the surface of the auto glass, such as glass sealant or rain repellent. 

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How Do You Remove Water Spots? 

Water spots can be removed from auto glass by a variety of methods. Before treating your windows or windshield with a glass sealant or other product, consider one of the following ways to remove pesky water spots: 

Baking Soda & Water Solution 

By mixing a small amount of water with baking soda, you can create a paste solution to apply to your windows or windshield. Apply this paste and scrub firmly all across your auto glass with a cloth. Afterward, rinse this homemade solution off of your auto glass, and wipe away the remaining water streaks with paper. 


Cut a lemon into 1-2 slices and rub it on the auto glass with pressure. The acidity from the lemon easily removes the mineral residue that created the water spots. Afterward, wipe away the remaining lemon juice with a cloth or paper towel, spray the glass with a glass cleaner, and wipe away the remaining streaks with a thin paper product. 

Commercial Cleaning Products 

Commercial glass cleaners are also available at most local stores. For best results, be sure to carefully follow the directions found on the label of the product you select. Some products could still leave water or residue streaks, so it’s best to accompany all methods with a simple glass cleaner and wipe away smudges with a thin paper product. 

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