Repairing that rock chip, crack or bullseye before it takes out your entire windshield is the expertise pioneered by Lonnie Elwood of A-1 Windshield 35 years ago.  Lonnie has even created innovative, proprietary tools that streamline the process and lead to a more complete and lasting repair.

There are many shops that have popped up over the years offering windshield repair, but very few can deliver the attention to detail that you will find from Lonnie and the technicians at A-1.

A-1 not only repairs stone breaks and cracks, they are also specialists in fixing window scratches and plate glass.  Plus, A-1 will come to you when you need them, offering first class mobile, same day service.  Give them a call and they will have a technician on site right away to repair your vechicle's windshield at work or at home.

Most auto insurance comprehensive policies will waive the deductable if you have your windshield repaired, so it makes good fiscal sense too. One important note to remember, the sooner you get the chip or crack repaired following the incident that created it, the better the repair will appear.

Windshield Repair
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